BSc(Tech) in Industrial Chemistry & MSc(Tech) in Advanced Materials Science

Principal Consultant/Director

David Addison, Principal of TCL has worked in the power industry since 1997. He has internationally-recognised expertise in the delivery of optimization and improvement programs for cycle chemistry.

With multiple papers and articles authored in this regard, and published by Power Plant Chemistry Journal (Europe) and Combined Cycle Journal (USA), he has been a keynote presenter at multiple international cycle chemistry and corrosion conferences. David is also involved in the development of international cycle chemistry guidelines for industry (International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam and the Electrical Power Research Institute

David has managed cycle chemistry reviews and audits, process improvement studies, troubleshooting and investigations of cycle chemistry issues, project specification development, project design review, development and delivery of customized cycle chemistry training programs, commissioning support, and physical plant inspections.

Key Projects:

  • Managed cycle chemistry programs on conventional boilers up to 18 MPa in pressure and multi pressure HRSGs.
  • Developed and carried out chemical cleans (post service and pre service) on both conventional and HRSG plants.
  • Project managed major cycle chemistry conversations of multiple units (All Volatile Treatment [Oxidizing] to Oxygenated Treatment).
  • Specified, designed, reviewed constructed and commissioned combined Cycle Gas Turbine units of up to 400+ MW’s in size.
  • Specified and commissioned state of the art separate bed, single vessel condensate polishing plants.
  • Specified and commissioned performance based cooling water treatment programs on multiple cooling towers.
  • Provided chemistry problem investigation and resolution for steam turbines, feed systems, and auxiliary cooling water systems, chemical dosing systems, chemical sampling and analysis systems.

Key Technical Memberships:

  • International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) – Representative for New Zealand, Member of the International Power Plant Chemistry Technical Group
  • New Zealand Institute of Chemistry – Member
  • New Zealand Geothermal Association – Associate Member

Key Publications:

  • The Critical Importance of Accurate Steam Sampling and Analysis; D Addison, B Dooley; Presented at the 2015 11th EPRI International Cycle Chemistry Conference, St Louis, MO, USA; July 2015
  • Technical Guidance Document: Corrosion Product Sampling and Analysis for Fossil and Combined Cycle Plants; Co-ordinating editor and key author D Addison; IAPWS, 2014
  • Comprehensive Cycle Chemistry Guidelines for Combined Cycle/Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs); Principal Investigator/Author (1 of 3) D Addison; EPRI, 3002001381, December 2013
  • Cycle Chemistry Challenges with Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) Surface Power Plants; D Addison; Presented at the 2013 16th International Conference for the Properties of Water and Steam (ICPWS16), Greenwich, UK
  • Chemistry and Mechanical Field Assessment Actions for Effective Flow Accelerated Corrosion Minimisation in Heat Recovery Steam Generators; D. Addison, L. Stanley (HRST); Presented at the 2013 Fossil FAC International Conference, Washington DC, USA
  • Biological Control of Cooling Water in Geothermal Power Generation; I. Richardson (Mighty River Power), D. Addison, S. Addison (Mighty River Power); Presented at the 2012 New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, Auckland, New Zealand
  • The Role of the Chemist/Chemical Engineer for the Trouble Free Operation of Thermal Plants with Heat Recovery Steam Generators; D. Addison, J Weir;Presented at the 2012 API Power Chemistry Conference in NSW, Australia, May 2012
  • The Experiences of the New Zealand Fossil Power Industry with the Challenges of FAC – Issues and Solutions; D Addison; Presented at the 2010 Fossil FAC International Conference, Washington DC, USA
  • Condensate Polishing and Combined Cycle Gas Turbines – Technical and Financial Justification and Appropriate Technology Selection; D. Addison, L Lloyd (Veolia Water);Presented at the 2009 EPRI 9th International Conference on Thermal Power Station Cycle Chemistry in Boston, USA, July 2009
  • The Unique Application of a Separate Bed Condensate Polishing System (TRIPOLÒ) in a 400 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant – The Huntly Power Station Experience; D. Addison, L Lloyd (Veolia Water);Presented at the 2008 Ion Exchange Technology (IEX) Conference in Cambridge, United Kingdom, June 2008
  • The Easy Way is always the Wrong Way - HRSG Commissioning and the Epic Struggle for Good Chemistry; D. Addison; Presented at the 2008 API Power Station Chemistry Conference in Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, May 2008
  • Improving Chemical Planning Aspects of New Generation Plant – Huntly e3p Project Experience; D. Addison; Presented at the ESAA Power Station Chemistry Conference, Sydney Australia, March 2006
  • Oxygenated Treatment on 2-Shifting Plants; The Huntly Power Station, New Zealand, Experience;D. Addison; Presented at the 7th EPRI International Conference on Thermal Power Station Cycle Chemistry, Houston, Texas, USA June 2003
  • Oxygenated Treatment at Huntly Power Station Unit 2: Preliminary Results from Steady State & 2-Shifting Operation; D. Addison; Presented at the ESAA Power Station Chemistry Conference, Rockhampton Australia 22 May 2002
  • Cycle Chemistry History and Issues at Huntly Power Station, New Zealand; K. Hopkins (Genesis Energy), D. Addison; EPRI 6th International Conference on Cycle Chemistry In Fossil Plants, June 27-29 2000, Columbus Ohio, USA